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Comic book Mandolorian reusable/ reversible tote

Comic book Mandolorian reusable/ reversible tote

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 Exchange dull plastic for the sustainable style of this gorgeous, reversible tote! Join the green movement and start conversations with a fashionable bag that's always ready to ship. With a 14 by 15 inch size, there's plenty of room in your life - and it's all packaged lightweight and small, with an elastic closure that keeps it compactly rolled up. Custom orders available, too - just message me for more details. Why wait? . Sustainable, stylish, and always ready to ship - this tote will revolutionize your lifestyle!

One side features cartoon like comic book covers of the Mandalorian and baby Yoda in bright colors. The other side is blue with bright green images of the words Star Wars with little Grogru heads.

 This is the way.

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