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Alice in Wonderland bookmarks

Alice in Wonderland bookmarks

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This listing is for ONE bookmark from the Alice in Wonderland collection. My all time favorite book and fabric collection as one.  The fabric is from Rifle Paper co. 

These bookmarks, just like my pendants, stem from my absolute love of fabric and ardent passion for reading. Collecting fabric is an activity I'm proud of. Generally, I'm captivated by a fabric first before thinking about how I'll employ it. After completing the sewing, I always save the leftover pieces in hopes of reusing them one day. I'm dedicated to utilizing, reusing, recycling and being environmentally conscious whenever feasible.

Our landfills are overflowing from mass-produced attire - I don't want to contribute to that. Additionally, I'm an avid reader. Before ebooks were released, I used to purchase most of the books I read. Although I still use them, there's something magical about visiting the library every week and selecting a slew of books, all for free! The downside is being unable to save my page in library books. I've employed all sorts of items - receipts, gum wrappers, whatever was handy - to save my page. 


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